Lucy has graduated to a collar complete with a herringbone bow tie (we’re both very into the menswear trend this autumn.)

Thank you so much @rilesandco! Such a nice little surprise to receive a pumpkin chai candle at my doorstep today. The scent is heavenly. 🍂

Gifts from clients who totally “get” you are the absolute best. I found this @pfcandleco Nag Champa candle at my desk when I came back from getting coffee. This smells heavenly. My inner hippie is so happy right now. I’ll be burning this in the studio all autumn, for sure. Thanks, Melanie & Andrew! ✌️ (ignore my massive scarf that doubles as a blanket, my boss keeps the studio at like 55° and I was freezing all day. #latergram

I got some really exciting news and a raise last week so I treated myself to a @clarevivier Maison bag. I’ve had my eye on this beautiful messenger for ages. I’m so in love. I kind of just want to hug it and smell the beautiful leather. Is that weird? Sorry.