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Small town, tiny abandoned church. In a few weeks it’s going to be converted into a house. More photos on my blog!
I posted a few of my favorite photos from yesterday’s’ shoot on the blog. {}
I will always dream of living on this street. Brooklyn, you have my heart.
An unedited shot from this afternoon. There is so much history in this place. It’s beautiful.
Had the pleasure of shooting a piece for a local newspaper about one of the oldest (and tiniest!) churches in my hometown. It hasn’t been touched since the late 70’s. The coolest part about spending the afternoon here was that my father grew up next door to this church, and his family was very active in the congregation. My grandmother ran the Sunday school. I can’t wait to share these photos with my grandparents.
A few new photos on the daily journal. 
Kristen Merie Photography
After two engagement sessions this morning, I decided to take the rest of the day and go to the lake by myself to clear my mind. It’s been a really stressful week, it was so nice to have some “me” time.
It’s been a really long day.
Alright Keith, calm down. #latergram #streetsofnyc
"This location is tits." - Amy // I love getting to work with this girl. We have a good thing going, we understand each other and think exactly alike…which is so important when working a wedding together. 💌
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